How do I apply for a job at NSF?

Search for jobs in the United States/Canada or the United Kingdom and apply for any position of interest.

I can’t find a job I want on the website. Can I still apply?

If you do not see a specific position of interest, you may register with our site and set up a job agent. The job agent will send you email notifications of new positions matching your preferences.

I submitted my application, but did not get the job. Will NSF keep my application on file?

All candidate details are stored on a central database for two years, unless we receive a written request by an individual to delete this record. These records enable us to search against candidate profiles with specific skill sets, should we identify specific recruitment needs in the future.

I am interested in more than one open position. Do I have to apply to all of them or just one?

You must submit a separate application for each position of interest. However, you will only need to upload your resume and complete additional details once – this information does carry over for each application.