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Food recalls have increased significantly in the past decade. Even a relatively small recall today can have a debilitating impact on revenue, brand reputation, regulatory standing and company growth. Whether your consulting needs are pre-incident preparation, incident response or post-incident support, NSF is the trusted ally you’ll want at your side.

With over 70 years of history, NSF possesses a deep understanding of the food industry, and is currently working with thousands of suppliers in all sectors of food, packaging and logistics. With the strength of over 60 locations worldwide, NSF is ideally positioned to deploy locally in the event of a far reaching product recall or crisis event.

Don’t let a recall negatively define your business. Choose NSF International, the global leader in public health and safety, as your recall consultant. We can lead you through a crisis or recall event, provide guidance in creating a recall plan and help prevent a future crisis.


NSF’s crisis prevention and management services include:

Risk Analysis and Risk Modeling – Sophisticated assessments of your ingredient and material suppliers, taking into account geographic, business and socio-political elements.

Recall Plan Development/Reviews – Interactive assessment and coaching to help you develop or and adjust your recall plan that could potentially make or break your company’s reputation.

NSF Supplier Assurance Audit – A one- or two-day food safety and quality assessment to your operation’s effectiveness in employing generally accepted good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

Regulatory Compliance – Services that keep you abreast of changes in your regulatory environment.

Allergen Management Programs – Hands-on assistance in developing or providing a detailed assessment of your allergen management program, policies, procedure and verification. Includes policies and procedures related to proper product labeling during production, allergen control in the facility, and sampling and testing.

On-Site Recall Challenge – A deep dive into all elements of your written recall plan, product traceability, crisis management and recall programs. Mock recall includes building timelines, accounting for all affected product and appropriate engagement of recall team members.

Training/Workshops – Practical and technical educational programs related to various food safety and quality topics with a focus on the development and ongoing management of your food safety and quality management system. Courses include HACCP, traceability and recall, food fraud vulnerability assessment, allergen management, food defense and building a food safety culture.

Customized Training/Webinars – NSF’s technical and hands-on HACCP, food safety and quality training programs can be delivered on-site at your facility and customized to reflect your products and operations. Our expert technical trainers specialized in your sector will be available on-site to train your team with learning materials and exercises tailored to your business.

Physical, Chemical or Microbiological Contamination Assessments – In-depth assessment by our skilled practitioners of the effectiveness of your systems for controlling the relevant hazards associated with your products, processes, ingredients and materials.

Crisis Response Services – NSF subject matter experts are at your disposal to help in the midst of a crisis. Our seasoned team can provide support via impartial recall counsel, traceability tools and tracking, and can advise on food safety best practices that we’ve learned through the thousands of audits we’ve performed. And with fully equipped chemical and microbiological laboratory facilities in key global locations, NSF can provide fast turnaround on critical laboratory samples.

Why Work With NSF?

Backed by over 70 years of food safety experience, NSF has the knowledge, expertise and infrastructure to help you prevent, prepare for, or carefully traverse product recall situations – nearly anywhere around the globe. With 60 offices worldwide and services in more than 120 countries, NSF is effectively positioned to provide the local support when and where you need it.

We can work with you through each phase of a crisis, from planning and prevention to product recall and post recall consulting. NSF provides a hand-selected team of crisis prevention and management experts with relevant expertise to address your company’s specific challenges.

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