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Increasing market requirements for hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP/HARPC) plans, food safety audits or Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification can be daunting for food processors and manufacturers already overburdened with routine operations management.

With over 70 years of history, NSF International has extensive experience and deep knowledge of the food manufacturing process and offers a wide range of consulting services that not only help you with food safety compliance issues, but with many other aspects of your business as well, including supply chain management, in-sourced quality assurance, GFSI gap assessments, technical program review and development traceability, risk assessments, allergen management, crisis/recall assistance and much more.

Use of NSF consulting services does not provide an advantage, nor is it linked in any way to the granting of certification.


We offer the following consulting services for food and beverage processors. Click on the title to read more about the service.

  • HACCP Services - Whether you need HACCP plans, training or registration, NSF is your HACCP expert. We can assist you with general questions about hazard analysis, critical limits, operations limits, verification, validation, etc. If you have a working HACCP plan, we can help you add additional products or review your plan to evaluate its compliance with all current FDA requirements. We also customize HACCP services to meet your company’s requirements.

  • Traceability - NSF helps you accurately and efficiently gain full supply chain visibility. Increasingly complex food supply chains make traceability an equally complex challenge. We can establish the traceability of food products and ingredients at all stages of production, processing and distribution. We look at all the issues to enable quick and efficient traceback including recordkeeping and procedures, risk analysis, and product handling.

  • Supply Chain Assurance – We help you efficiently maintain supplier databases and products’ legal compliance. With the complexity of today’s food supply chains, it is increasingly difficult to manage supplier information and approvals. We can help efficiently maintain supplier databases to ensure the supply of safe and legally compliant products, from manufacturing to wholesale, storage and distribution, and retail delivery.

  • Risk Assessments – We help food companies assess their risks and make preparations in the event those risks became reality. With decades of food safety expertise, NSF consultants can guide food companies through the complex process of risk assessment, regardless of your position in the supply chain. We provide many risk-based services to help protect your brand and your bottom line, including:

    • Science-based techniques to help you evaluate sector-, country- or product-specific risks
    • Assistance creating risk profiles and risk modeling frameworks
    • Performance of microbiological risk assessments and laboratory testing to support your risk analysis objectives

  • Allergen Management – We offer a wide range of services to help prevent allergen contamination at the facility level and ensure proper labeling practices. With food allergies and related regulations on the rise, food processors, retailers and restaurants must remain fiercely diligent regarding labeling, traceability and cross-contamination. Our team of allergen experts provides comprehensive risk assessments, allergen control and management, training, traceability and specification development services that provide practical, actionable results that prevent allergen issues and protect your brand.

  • Portico Specification and Supplier Management System – In partnership with MICROS, we developed Portico, a specification and supplier management system for the foodservice and retail sectors. This web-based system manages complete end-to-end services to help companies develop specifications and track suppliers, food safety audits, regulatory approvals and products. It can help protect brands and manage supply chains to ensure they are robust with integrated product lifecycle management processes.

  • GFSI Pre-Cert Consulting – We help prepare your facility for GFSI certification. As the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) extends broader and deeper into the food supply chain, more food processors, packagers and storage/distributors are required to be GFSI certified. If your company needs assistance preparing for GFSI certification, talk to NSF International. We can facilitate gap analysis, training and operations assistance to get your facility GFSI-ready.

  • Maturity Model - Our proprietary diagnostic tool addresses the underlying causes of food safety failure. The tool enables companies to identify performance against various criteria, ultimately characterizing an organization against four “generations” of maturity using nine key factors including culture, training, policies, traceability, management and regulatory compliance.

    Used successfully by manufacturing, retail, restaurant and hospitality sectors of the food industry for many years, the Maturity Model outputs provide a clear gap analysis and road map of customized actions to meet your specific business requirements or objectives.

  • Behavior-Based Compliance – Our system provides an in-depth understanding of employees’ food safety practices, and guidance to improve them through cultural and attitudinal shifts. To ensure safe food, proper food safety practices must be employed at every step of the supply chain. Responsible companies develop comprehensive food safety policies, training and tests, but there are no guarantees that learned practices will be consistently executed on the job. Workplace psychologists have established that two of the most important factors are management culture and the attitudes and aptitudes of individual team members. Only by changing behaviors and embedding safe practices within organizational culture can businesses succeed.

    NSF’s proprietary behavior-based compliance service assesses workers’ food safety knowledge and confidence in their knowledge, and develops appropriate interventions and motivational tools to hardwire compliance in your company’s culture.

  • Crisis Management – We help you quickly, accurately and professionally manage crisis situations while keeping your reputation intact. Companies never want to confront a food contamination, illness or recall incident associated with their product. In these critical times it is imperative to have formalized crisis plans in place. We provide many services to help weather the crisis in the most responsible manner for all parties involved.

    We can partner with you throughout each phase of a crisis, from developing crisis plans to performing qualitative and quantitative risk analyses and risk modeling, to creating product recall plans, leading mock recalls and providing laboratory testing services. Depending on the industry sector, we can also supply expert witness services.

Why Work with NSF?

Backed by industry experience and expertise, NSF consultants help you understand and comply with food safety regulatory requirements to protect and enhance your brand. We specialize in understanding your business and objectives, and employ best practices and industry expertise to develop practical and relevant solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

Our team is comprised of both experienced food safety professionals and experts in key supply chain sectors, particularly food processing. These specialists understand the regulations and standards around food processing and materials, and make sure you comply with relevant safety and quality requirements.

NSF’s reputation enables us to recruit and maintain a team of talented industry professionals. With excellent staff loyalty and low turnover, we maintain exceptional continuity of service in key areas.

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