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Training is essential for maintaining high standards of quality assurance and compliance to good manufacturing practices (GMPs). GMP regulations clearly state that employees involved in manufacturing, packaging, labeling or holding of dietary supplements must be trained in their respective role in maintaining compliance to 21 CFR 111.

We support the dietary supplement industry worldwide by providing high-quality training on a variety of topics instrumental to understanding regulations and critical to achieving or maintaining regulatory compliance. Our comprehensive training approach goes far beyond just content delivery. Our instructors’ extensive industry expertise provides tangible, real-world case studies of workplace situations and one-on-one interaction.

Benefits of Training

When you take an NSF dietary supplements training course, you receive knowledge and tips from experienced industry auditors that can then be implemented directly at your own facility. NSF training and education give you the tools necessary to build a highly qualified team that can lead your business into the future.

We work with you to develop comprehensive, customized training programs that include multiple training elements. Training could offer a general overview of good manufacturing practices or specific, modular, task-oriented training for individual departments.

Training can assist your team in preparing your facility for its first NSF dietary supplements GMP registration audit, or can help keep your quality team fresh during annual GMP audits if your facility has already achieved NSF GMP registration.

Why Work With NSF?

NSF offers training courses at locations across the U.S and onsite training at your facility. In addition, some of our more popular classes are taught in both China and Europe.

  • Open training courses – NSF hosts open courses, ranging from one to three days, around the U.S. on topics of current interest to the dietary supplement industry. These courses utilize carefully selected industry speakers with expertise and experience to offer a practical focus on the regulations and the latest regulatory issues. Our courses attract people from all over the world and provide an opportunity for attendees to make new contacts and to learn from each other as well from the instructors.
  • In-house training – We believe that training is most effective when it is directly relevant to the activities performed by the attendees. We work closely with you to design courses that your staff can immediately relate to and that answer their specific questions.

The Training Process

The process of bringing dietary supplement training to your location involves these simple steps:

  1. Our team discusses the course with you – your aims, audience, location(s) and timing.
  2. We provide your company with a formal proposal of a draft course program and outline all of the costs.
  3. We process all of your firm’s feedback and finalize the details.
  4. Our training experts then deliver your firm the training, providing presentations, course booklets, teamwork tasks and attendance certificates.
  5. To ensure we receive valuable feedback, our professional trainer sits down with your firm to discuss outcomes as well as follow-up training that may be needed.

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  • Open What type of training does NSF offer for dietary supplements?

    We offer training in the areas of SOPs and recordkeeping for compliance; process definition; vendor qualification; batch production records; risk assessment and management; stability program development; 21 CFR 111 overview; CAPA systems; GMPs; inspection readiness; and testing method selection, specification setting and equipment.

  • Open What is included in my training course?

    When you choose any NSF dietary supplements training course, we provide you with an industry-experienced instructor who offers extensive knowledge and expertise in an interactive classroom setting.  The training course includes a course manual, certificate of completion and lunch.

  • Open Does NSF offer on-site training at a customer’s dietary supplement manufacturing/packaging/distribution facility?

    Yes. We can provide a variety of training types for your entire staff, and can emphasize specific courses of interest to your quality team members. These courses provide your team with the industry edge they seek. We bring all the necessary tools and information right to your facility.

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  • “I attended a NSF dietary supplements GMP training course. I found the course material relevant and the instructors quite knowledgeable. This course helps bring a company into compliance."Martin Frazzini / Ashley-Martin Mfg. LLC, USA