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If you manufacture light fixtures intended for controlled environments where low air pollutant levels, cleanability, durability and structural integrity are critical, third-party certification is imperative. The protocol NSF P442 is a single certification that demonstrates that light fixtures are constructed for use in controlled environments such as pharmaceutical processing, biotech research, biosafety laboratories, surgical suites, clean room manufacturing, food processing and horticulture.

NSF P442: Controlled Environment Light Fixtures combines various test elements into one certification, demonstrating to customers and consulting engineers that P442 certified light fixtures meet the highest level of quality in the industry. The test elements include:

  • Testing required by the standard NSF/ANSI 2: Food Equipment, which establishes minimum sanitation requirements for materials, design and construction
  • Testing to demonstrate an International Protection (IP) rating of 65 or higher, showing that the light fixture provides a high level of protection against the intrusion of dust and water
  • Unique pressure tests developed especially for NSF P442

Benefits of Certification

NSF performs this independent certification to verify the design, construction and performance of light fixtures that are intended for use in controlled environments. Before the creation of this certification, the process to demonstrate the safety of these products required lighting manufacturers to generate their own test data or use multiple test organizations to obtain the data required to fully demonstrate the safety of their products.  Now a manufacturer can point to this third-party certification as proof that its product meets rigorous test requirements and was evaluated objectively.

Why Work with NSF?

NSF International has over 40 years of expertise in the biosafety cabinet industry and continues to be the leader in testing and certification of these units and their components.  Light fixtures certified to NSF P442 are able to bear the NSF mark, which provides peace of mind to buyers, end users, regulators, stakeholders and more.

Certification Process

The certification process involves eight simple steps:

  1. Your company submits an application.
  2. You provide NSF with proof of your light fixture’s IP65 rating.
  3. NSF evaluates the light fixture to the applicable portions of NSF/ANSI 2.
  4. NSF’s engineering laboratory staff performs pressure tests and a physical evaluation specific to NSF P442.
  5. NSF audits the manufacturing facility.
  6. NSF grants certification for compliant products.
  7. Your company can use the NSF marks (NSF/ANSI 2 and NSF P442) on products, packaging and marketing materials.
  8. Annual audits of the manufacturing facility are required to maintain compliant with the certification.

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