Consultant, Pharmaceutical Services

Phone: +44(0)1751 432999
Country: United Kingdom

Alan Heavey is a sterilizing engineer registered by the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM), originally as an Authorised Person (Sterilizers) and now as an Authoris ing Engineer (Decontamination). He travels worldwide to assist companies with their specific sterilization needs and has worked with a number of multinational pharmaceutical organizations.

Mr. Heavey has 32 years of hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries in moist heat sterilization technology and its application, including:

  • System and equipment design
  • Validation and qualification
  • Quality and regulatory application
  • Management of operational, validation and qualification activities
  • Advising on maintenance activities
  • Audits (including preparation for regulatory audits)
  • System reviews
  • Training courses – in-house and residential
  • Technical support

He is a member of the Management Committee of the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Sciences Society, the AE (D) Group (UK) and the British Standards Institution.

Mr. Heavey has worked with NSF Health Sciences, and formerly David Begg Associates (DBA), since 1997.