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NSF International provides unique, expert consultancy services for the UK market covering:

  • Contamination and performance issues that relate to water supply and plumbing systems
  • Product and system compliance with UK regulations and standards
  • New product development

NSF separates its consultancy services from testing, inspection and certification activities. There is no connection between the services. Use of NSF consulting services does not provide an advantage, nor is it linked in any way to the granting of certification.

Prototype/Product Evaluation Testing

NSF International offers prototype and pre-compliance testing for various products.

These tests can consist of mitigating the risk of investment for the manufacturer on the route to obtain full approval/certification for UK standards. This service can provide assurance to manufacturers prior to final submission to regulatory requirements.

This service is often utilized by clients whose products incorporate backflow protection devices such as physical air gaps and also by clients seeking to identify reasons for failure in existing products for warranty disputes.

Performance Checks

Owners, specifiers, designers, mechanical and engineering consultants, manufacturers, builders (offsite and onsite) and installers of water systems need to be certain that the systems meet required expectations of performance and that they comply with relevant UK regulations. We provide advice and practical support for both.

Checking the compliance of your system with us before installation can both help you gain client acceptance at the tendering stage and/or avoid issues arising at the inspection stage post-installation. We can advise on compliance with both UK water regulations and the related building regulations.

NSF International provides unique, expert consultancy on contamination and performance issues that relate to water supply and plumbing systems; on product and system compliance with regulations and standards; to support the preparation of regulations and standards; and for new product development.

Fault Investigation

Whether you are addressing a problem or dispute, NSF International can provide both expert advice and practical investigative support to help resolve water contamination and plumbing system and fittings problems. Sample issues we can address for different sectors include:

  • Housing developer: Poor pressure in first floor plumbing
  • Local authority: Lead contamination in housing
  • Hospital PFI: Water quality issues in new build
  • Mechanical and engineering consultant: Poor flushing performance in refurbished hotel bathrooms
  • Insurance company: Plumbing performance
  • Developer: Taste and odor relating to contamination in newly built apartments
  • Caravan manufacturer: Taste tainting of water system

Why Work with NSF?

NSF experts help you understand and comply with water safety regulatory requirements to protect and enhance your brand in the UK, Europe and beyond. Our NSF team is comprised of experts on water supply products and can offer unique expert consultancy on contamination and performance issues that relate to water supply and plumbing systems.

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