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NSF’s product evaluation and testing services build upon next-generation sequencing (NGS) and can help reduce your risks and protect your brand. NGS is rapidly changing the quality, supply chain and food safety industries - and we are expanding our sequencing services to the commercial food, bottled water and dietary supplement industries.

NGS offers absolute resolution of the genetic makeup of your sample, higher throughput and lower costs than traditional sequencing methods, giving you a better understanding of the genomic makeup of your sample or product. Our services can help you identify quality issues and provide confidence in product safety.

Benefits of Testing

NSF’s testing and analysis services can be tailored to suit your product and range from basic barcoding to more complex sequencing, fitting the tool to the experiment purpose.  We can craft a custom research plan to fit your needs, collaborating to solve your problems and answer your questions.

Why Work With NSF?

NSF International uses detailed, quality-controlled genetic testing methods to provide you with the reliability you need to protect consumer safety.

From detecting undeclared soy in finished products and identifying the source of toxic compounds in raw materials, to identifying the bacterial contamination in a recalled sample, our flexible and powerful genetic methods can solve any product safety challenge.

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