AC 00-56B Management Systems Certification

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Meet your customers’ expectations today and be ready for tomorrow. Register for FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 00-56B management systems certification.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) strongly endorses this AC for civil aircraft parts distributors associated with U.S. type-certified (TC) products. While based on voluntary industry oversight, conforming to this standard is encouraged because it:

  • Establishes the eligibility of your parts or products for installation
  • Ensures your parts are properly documented
  • Improves the traceability of your inventory

With our knowledge as the largest accredited provider of aerospace certifications in the world, we can streamline the process of getting a first-time certification or transferring a registration.

Benefits of Certification

Improve your ability to make the right decisions for your quality management system.

Participating in FAA AC 00-56B enables you to track, review and implement systematic processes using accurate, evidence-based information.

NSF International Strategic Registrations (NSF-ISR) is a leading registrar and certification body for all aerospace standards. Our comprehensive approach to the management systems certification process helps you develop and deploy initiatives that:

  • Address current changes in regulatory requirements
  • Incorporate industry best practices    
  • Align your business goals and outcomes with customer expectations
  • Better manage quality-related risks

Why Work With NSF?

Spark growth while reducing wasted resources.

Aerospace companies rely on our expert interpretations and value-added services every day to improve their management systems, regardless of where they operate.

Certificates issued by us stand out because of the integrity and expertise behind them. Our program managers and technical staff are actively involved in the industry through committee memberships, standards development, trade groups and more. Their experience enables us to:

  • Design systems specifically for aerospace needs
  • Stay well versed in industry requirements
  • Maintain the technical integrity of our audit process

Located around the world, our regionally-based auditors:

  • Continually receive the latest training
  • Have intimate expertise with aerospace industry requirements
  • Dedicate themselves to your business sector
  • Always perform audits in the right regulatory context

The option of consolidating AC 00-56B with other existing quality management systems registrations is just one way we add value to your audit. We also offer:

Initial Certifications

Ensure your quality management system is in good standing.

By getting AC 00-56B management systems certification, you become part of the FAA Voluntary Industry Distribution Accreditation Program database.

Instead of pursuing mandatory federal regulation, the FAA developed this standard to help civil aircraft parts distributors resolve documentation and traceability issues. Certification is valid for three years and achieved in two stages.

Stage one determines how ready your organization is for certification. What we do is:

  1. Review documents about your organization’s processes and management
  2. Perform an on-site inspection of procedures
  3. Report potential nonconformities (areas that might not meet standards)

Stage two is when our auditors return and do a comprehensive review of your quality management system. This is where we:

  1. Confirm the effectiveness of your system
  2. Provide feedback about nonconformities
  3. Verify all standards have been met

After an independent reviewer* confirms our decision, we:

  1. Issue a certificate saying you’ve met all AC 00-56B requirements
  2. Publish your certification listing on our website
  3. Perform semiannual or annual surveillance audits to ensure system maintenance

*The independent reviewer is legally an NSF International employee and bound by the requirements of our contract. Certification evaluations and decisions are made impartially and independently from any NSF International activity.

Transferring Registrations

Uncomplicate the move to a new registrar for your accredited certifications, regardless of where you are in the process. We offer:

  • 30-day transfers of valid registrations
  • Proven integrity and expertise
  • Experience as a leading provider of management system certifications

A dedicated account manager and business development manager communicate with you throughout your transition to the NSF family of companies. The transfer process itself is seamless and straightforward:

  1. Our reviewer goes over your last audit.
  2. We assign an auditor to perform an on-site audit.
  3. Your audit is typically completed in a day or two.
  4. An independent reviewer* approves evidence, reports and recommendations regarding certification.
  5. NSF International Strategic Registrations (NSF-ISR) issues your certificate.

*The independent reviewer is legally an NSF International employee and bound by the requirements of our contract. Certification evaluations and decisions are made impartially and independent from any NSF International activity.

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