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Get Involved with NSF standards and protocol development by joining a joint committee. The NSF Standards Department is seeking experts to serve on various NSF joint committees. Learn more by visiting the standards section of the NSF Online Workspace (NOW).

NOW is the online home of NSF balloting and joint committee communications. You can view ballot materials for any committee and task group of NSF’s standards development process. Ballot materials include draft language awaiting approval, communications and other supporting documents relevant to the balloting process.

To purchase standards, visit the NSF Bookstore website.

Participate in Developing Standards

NSF is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop American National Standards. ANSI's accreditation verifies that NSF/ANSI standards are developed through the involvement of stakeholders who are directly affected by the scope of the standard. To participate in creating or revising a standard, you can:

  • Submit public review, comments or an issue document suggesting revisions
  • Attend a joint committee or task group meeting as an observer
  • Join an NSF task group that provides recommendations to the responsible joint committee on a specific issue
  • Join an NSF joint committee, the consensus body responsible for the development and revision of NSF/ANSI standards

NSF is looking for stakeholders to participate in the standards development process. If you are interested or want further information, email and identify your area of interest.

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